Room 423, Friday Evening
Smiley Freddie
Freddie and Sam had concluded another fabulous and funny broadcast of iCarly (along with Carly Shay via webfeed as usual), and had decided to come up to Freddie's room for some boyfriend-girlfriend time.

Freddie was actually pretty relieved when he didn't see Richie right away after opening the door. "Sweet chiz," he said. "Looks like you don't have to scare him off. Not that I ever ask you to do so."

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Room 423, Saturday Morning
zGirl Freddie - Shocked
Freddie was always groggy the morning after an iCarly broadcast. This particular morning, however, a few thoughts went through Fredward Benson's mind as he awoke. The first was that he could feel hair on his shoulders. The second was that there seemed to be...

He snapped upright in his bed, and scrambled for his PearPhone. He didn't even need to take a picture, he could see his reflection against the shiny back. He was a girl. How was he a girl? What was going on?

He screamed in panic. It was important to point out that this reaction was not because he was a girl, but because he was Fredward Benson.

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The Poll on the iCarly Website [NFB]
Showing off the Pear Computer
As promised during the broadcast, Freddie put up a poll for the iCarly viewing public to vote on Sam and Freddie's potential dating lives. Right on the iCarly website.

Because that was healthy.

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[ooc: NFB as it is an internet poll, but feel free to have your characters vote in the web poll if you want!]

OOC: iCarly broadcast info and signupage
Mobbed by Fangirls
Okay, this is wholesale ripped off from hurtingzeebo's earlier post, but we wanted to do a new one for the new semester. So, Sam (hurtingzeebo) and Freddie (randomspanish) are internet stars, from the hit teenie-bopper web comedy sketch show iCarly! And they'd love to help your character become one, too!

Okay, so Sam wants to do so via public humiliation. That's just how she rolls.

What is iCarly?Collapse )

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So, how do you get involved then? Simple! You can either sign up here, contact me (randomspanish) or Sam-mun (hurtingzeebo) via your method of choice, or just find a fun spot in a broadcast post to wander into.

Also, we're looking for a victim volunteer for an ongoing new segment based on Wake Up Spencer, wherein your poor character would be awoken and taped at horrible hours of the morning in the name of hilarity.

Questions? Comments? Bad puns?

Room 423, Friday Night, An hour After the Debates
Fierce Melon
After doing all the tear-down and clean up, Freddie made it back to his room and collapsed onto his bed. It didn't take long until his Pear Phone was vibrating, letting him know someone wanted to face-chat with him. Hittin the button, he wasn't completely surprised to see the face of Carly Shay, normally one-half of the dynamic duo of iCarly.

"You guys really went all out this week," Carly said. "I have to say, that was the greatest all-episode Pathetic Play I've ever seen."

"Hello to you too," Freddie said. "And seriously, that wasn't fake. That was our real student council election debate."

"So you're at a school for the mentally insane?" Carly retorted. "That explains so much."

Freddie made a face. "That's not nice, Carls."

Carly just stuck out her tongue. "Next time you do something like that, invite me! It's weird to watch iCarly and not be any part of it."

"It was a school thing, it had to just be school people," Freddie said. "Get yourself committed here and then maybe you can help."

There was another tongue-sticking-out response. "And just for that, I'm gonna call Sam now," she said.

"Bye," Freddie said, amused.

"Bye," Carly said. Freddie hung up his Pear Phone and went back to resting. He was very exhausted.

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Around the Dorms and Town , Wednesday Night
Proud Freddie
Having officially sent out the e-mail inviting all the student council students to participate in the event, Freddie took the time to go about the dorms and the rest of town to put up posters. Even if townies couldn't attend the event, they could still tune in on the internet. A pageview was a pageview, after all.

Image of poster behind the cut!Collapse )
[text description: This Friday, iCarly presents the Fandom High Student Council Debates. Live from the dorm rec room at 7 pm! Tune in at or attend in person!]

They weren't the fanciest posters in the world, but they definitely beat giant signs over the highway that told people to Pee On Carl.

[ooc: Establishy, but if you want to catch Freddie either in the dorms, about town, or reply to the handwavey e-mail to the candidates, you can do so!]

Over the Shoulder
Putting this up over here, since olympian_herc isn't friended by many, yet.

True Heroism! is looking for a TA or two, preference of course given to those graduates who need to get a TAship to stick around.

(and on a related note, sorry about the sexism fail on my part in the course description. I managed to include damsels and hunks in distress, yet but 'true hero shows his worth', instead of 'their' worth. My mistake, and I apologize)

So, just reply here if interested!

Room 423, Monday Afternoon
This is a Peculiar Feeling
Freddie was hiding in his bed.

He'd spent the weekend looking for friends he didn't actually have, trying to solve mysteries that didn't exist, and oh yes, he was tall, blond, confident and wore an ascot.

It was like some sort of terrible fever dream. And he was afraid that if he got out of bed, it would still be real.

Thank goodness for Furious Fowl on his PearPad. That would keep him occupied for a bit.

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Voice Mail
Over the Shoulder
"Hey, it's Freddie Benson, I'm currently busy but you can leave me a message." *BEEP*

Room 423, Saturday Morning
# Freddie Jones 1
Freddie Jones awoke, showered, got dressed, brushed his hair fifty times, then made sure his ascot was tied just right.

"Well I guess this means I better go find the rest of the gang! I bet if I find the kitchen, that's where Shaggy and Scoob will be. We've got a mystery to solve!"

And off he went, blissfully unaware of the fact that on a normal day, he wasn't Fred Jones, let alone that there were no other members of Mystery Inc on this island...

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